Answer to whether you should get your floor professionally cleaned

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19 July 2022
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Answer to whether you should get your floor professionally cleaned

Commercial cleaning

When should you get your carpets professionally cleaned?

In case you are trying to sell your home, it is a good idea to get your carpets, hardwood floors or tile and grout clean. It will make your house or a condo look nice and clean, and eventually sell faster, because people are usually drawn to a nice photo and a clean home.

Hardwood floors cleaning

If you just bought a new place, you would want to eliminate all the dirt, debris and allergens that stayed after previous owners or were brought in by contractors who did the reno or a moving crew. You would want to start “clean” so you can easily manage “your dirt”. Also getting carpet and duct cleaned helps with allergies, you don’t want any of it to become airborne.

When you rent a property. Good landlords and apartment building managements prefer the carpet professional steam cleaned between renters. This way both parties avoid potential misunderstanding and disputes over damage deposits and it creates healthier environment for everyone.

Every time accidents happen, like coffee or wine spills, pets’ urine or feces accidents, kid’s colour stains, playdough, slime, cooking accidents, it’s better to immediately contact your trusted professionals before using everything you have under your kitchen sink. Cleaning products you can buy in regular retail stores are simply not good enough, and more important they can damage your flooring or set the stain.

How often should I get my carpets steam cleaned by professionals?

Generally, we suggest to people to do professional cleaning every 10 to 12 months. In case you have little kids, you should get your carpets and upholstery cleaned every 6 months. If you live with your furry friends, it probably would be a good idea to clean your floors and furniture every 3 months.

Commercial spaces should be cleaned more often depending on density of people working or visiting, climate, landscape around the building etc. Our usual restorative and interim cleaning contracts consist of 3-4 cleanings a year.

If your carpets, rugs, tiles, hardwood floor or any other furniture is due for cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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