Before we arrive

1) Vacuum

Carpets, furniture and area rugs capture a lot of dust, dirt and hair. Although we will vacuum the area we are going to clean, it’s strongly suggested that you do it before we arrive. More than 80% of all the dirt are dry particles that can’t be dissolved, so dry vacuuming is the solution to it and it can make a huge difference in cleaning results!

2) Prepare the space for cleaning

Please move all the small items of the floor, as well as all lamps, plants, electronics and fragile stuff. Tuck them in a storage to avoid any potential damage. We can move most of furniture, including tables, chairs, and sofas. Some larger items— beds which are not on rollers, entertainment units, dressers or china cabinets—may need to stay put, especially if you don’t plan to move them in the near future. We will clean around or under anything that we cannot move.

3) Parking

Please ensure we have a legal place to park the moment we arrive, especially that we have a small van. If you live in a city core, please let us know of any street parking in the area beforehand. Please ensure that the path to your front door is clear of snow and ice. We also recommend clearing a path from your front door to the room ready for cleaning.

4) Pets

Please plan to have a secure place for your pets for the duration of the cleaning. The equipment we use is loud and could be disturbing for your furry friends, and we might need to steep out quite often.