Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) machine

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11 July 2022
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Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) machine

One of irreplaceable piece of tool in our arsenal is Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) machine. It’s a pretty simply made, two cylindrical brushes that rotate in opposite directions. That way it captures everything that’s stuck on carpet fibres, hardwood floors or tiles and grout. At From Dark to Light Carpet & Upholstery Care we absolutely love it and we will try to go trough all the aspects of it.


CRB is really great as a tool of choice to start a residential carpet or/and area rug cleaning. This way we collect as much of the dry debris from carpet backing and to pull it up to surface to make it more accessible for dry vacuuming; and to agitate fibres, to pile them up to make it easier to get in-between them in all the following steps in our cleaning processes.


Funny word, but in our case, it means to disturb, vigorously shake, and eventually break the bond between hair, dirt, allergens, germs, other dry particles and carpet fibres. Cleaning solution (pre-spray, pre-conditioner, dry compound, carpet shampoo, encapsulating agent, etc.)  will do its part in lifting soil and weakening connection of dirt and fibres, but CRB will elevate them all the way to the top of the pile and leave it there ready for hot water extraction.

Encapsulation (Very Low Moisture cleaning)

Rotary machines are often been used for encapsulation method of cleaning and when used for this purpose they push all the dirt down to the backing of the carpet, so the actual cleaning is mostly relying on encapsulating solution or dry compound chemicals to lift all the soil to get removed later with a vacuum cleaner.  The opposite from rotary machines, CRB, that we at From Dark to Light Carpet & Upholstery Care use, pulls all the particles up to the surface of the fibers and makes it even easier for vacuuming it.

Hardwood floor cleaning

Usage of CRB in hardwood floor cleaning was a happy accident. In absence of any other floor scrubbing tool, technicians reached for CRB and used it with dry compound. The results were tremendous and now we have some floor producers suggesting it as a first choice in hardwood floor cleaning.  Brushing is used to spread and agitate the compound that absorbs the soil. Following mopping is to remove all the residue.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Try to imagine yourself getting on your knees and scrubbing your tile floor with bristle brush by hand and still you never can get it totally clean, especially the grout. That’s where we at From Dark to Light Carpet & Upholstery Care use CRB machine to get the cleaning agent into the grout and scrub all the dirt, sticky residue from previous cleaning, germs and allergens of your tile floor. After thorough rinsing tiles and grout look fresh and clean, and more important we remove all the potential environmental hazards.

At From Dark to Light Carpet & Upholstery Care, we use the most efficient, environmentally friendly and pet and human safe tools and products to clean your home. We use CRB on carpets, area rugs, tiles and grout, stairs, laminate to hardwood floors and beyond.

If you have any questions or concerns about CRB machine and what it can do for your carpet or floors, give us a call—we’re happy to answer and provide a free estimate for your Greater Toronto Area   home or business!

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