Importance and advantages of Hot Water Extraction

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9 May 2023
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9 May 2023
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Importance and advantages of Hot Water Extraction


Hot water extraction is a method of carpet cleaning that uses hot water with high pressure to clean carpets. It is also known as steam cleaning, although it does not actually use steam. HWE is one of the most recommended and effective methods of carpet cleaning by carpet manufacturers and professionals.


The importance of HWE lies in its ability to remove deep-seated dirt, stains, and allergens from carpet fibers. Unlike other methods that only clean the surface of the carpet, HWE reaches the base of the carpet pile and loosens the soil with hot water and detergent. Then, a powerful vacuum extracts the water and the dirt, leaving the carpet clean and fresh.


Some of the advantages of HWE are:


Deep cleaning: HWE can remove up to 97% of dirt and bacteria from carpets. It can also eliminate dust mites, mold spores, pet dander and other allergens that can affect indoor air quality and health.

No residue: HWE does not leave behind any sticky or oily residues that can attract more dirt and stains. It rinses out the detergent completely, leaving the carpet fibers soft and fluffy.

Carpet protection: HWE can help extend the life and appearance of carpets by removing abrasive particles that can damage the fibers over time. It can also restore the color and texture of carpets that have faded or matted due to soil accumulation.

Versatility: HWE can be used on most types of carpets, including synthetic, wool, cotton, and blended fibers. It can also handle different levels of soil and stain severity, from light to heavy.

HWE is a proven and reliable method of carpet cleaning that can provide many benefits for your home or business. It can improve the look and feel of your carpets, as well as enhance your indoor environment and comfort. If you want to experience the difference of HWE, contact your local professional today.

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