What can we do for you?

Carpet Cleaning

When you order our professional carpet cleaning service, we will use power equipment and the finest stain removal treatments, to leave your carpets and/or area rugs spotless. Our carpet cleaning process consist of:

1. Inspection (Together we will go through the scope of work to determine potential risks or damages and to set the expectations up.)
2. Pre-Vacuuming (First we will unearth all the dry particles, which make around 80% of all dirt)
3. Pre-Spotting (Treatment of all individual spots and stains to help remove them with a succeeding processes)
4. Pre-Treatment (Application of a general very light chemical pre-spray that will weaken the bond between dirt and the fibers)
5. Agitation (CRB – Counter Rotating Brushes helping us to remove all the hair, dirt, debris and allergens trapped deep down in the carpet)
6. Hot Water extraction (Extracting all the dirt and rinsing the pre-treatment chemicals)
7. Buffing (Using OP machine with cotton and microfiber pads to pick up any residue that may have accumulated during the process of cleaning.
8. Grooming (Raking the carpet to speed up the drying process)

Sanitization and re-soiling protection are always an option.

Upholstery Cleaning

All of your furniture deserves a deep cleaning. We have special techniques, products and equipment for every type of fiber such as:
1. Polyester
2. Microfiber
3. Cotton
4. Wool
5. Silk
6. Linen
7. Artificial leather
8. Velvet

After a thorough inspection, we’ll dry vacuum the upholstered furniture, apply an organic and eco-friendly solution, agitate with the appropriate firm brush, and finally extract and rinse it. At the end of the process, we will pick up all the excess moisture with a white microfiber cloth, just to make sure nothing has been left behind. Optionally we can apply a chemical finish that inhibits the attachment of soil, also known as Scotchgard™.

Tiles & Grout Cleaning

Spend less time scrubbing your kitchen floor and enjoy it with your family, we will bring back the shine to your tiles and grout. When you call us, you order service that will leave your tiles clean and dry by the time we leave.

Once again, we will use a CRB (Counter Rotating Brushes) machine to scrub off all the dirt, before hot water and high pressure do the rest. Air movers will speed up the drying process, so you don’t have to worry about slippery floors.

Pet Urine Stain and Odor Removal

We love our best furry friends. They provide us with companionship and absolute devotion. They're always there to greet us and celebrate the best of times. They're also always there to pepper us with love at the worst of times.
However, our bestfurry friends can also be all too human at times and make mistakes. The biggest of which is when they make a mess on our carpet, rugs, mattresses and even grout. While never intentional (and we know they're sorry), pet urine and feces are a biohazard contaminating your home. This is something that must be addressed immediately.

Typically, we’ll ask a few questions such as number of pets, cat or dog, male, female, age, etc. This helps us better understand what we're facing and what treatments may be needed.
Identifying the location of the odor is next. We can usually do this the old-fashioned way as the 'nose knows' where trouble may exist. We also use a UV light to inspect the carpet. The UV inspection is critical in the process as the light identifies where treatment is required.

Treatment is: