Very low moisture carpet cleaning

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27 July 2022
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Very low moisture carpet cleaning

Very low moisture carpet cleaning or VLM for short, is a method of carpet cleaning that uses very little water and relies on dry compounds and cleaning solutions to remove dirt, stains, and odors from carpets’ or area rugs’ fibers. VLM is most suitable for commercial environments where carpets need to dry quickly and be ready for use within an hour or less, but is also can be used for residential applications where homeowners want to avoid wet carpets that can harbor mold and bacteria.

Different methods of VLM carpet cleaning:

Dry compounds: These are granular substances that are sprinkled on the carpet, then brushed in with CRB machine and vacuumed away at the end of the process. They absorb dirt and moisture from the carpet fibers and leave them clean and dry.

Foam: This is a low-moisture system that uses a foam of a cleaning solution applied to the carpet. The foam is then agitated with a rotary machine or a CRB machine and then vacuumed away. The foam helps to loosen the bond between dirt and fibers, encapsulates the dirt and stains from the carpet so they can easily be removed with regular vacuuming.

Hydrogen peroxide-based products: These are cleaning solutions that use oxygen to break down stain molecules and brighten the carpet color. They are sprayed on the carpet and then scrubbed with a machine or a brush. They are effective for removing organic stains such as coffee, wine, and blood.

Encapsulation: This is a process that uses a special cleaning solution that surrounds and traps dirt particles in tiny crystals. The crystals are then removed by vacuuming or brushing. Encapsulation prevents re-soiling and residue issues and enhances the appearance of the carpet2.

Low-moisture extractors: These are machines that use hot water and detergent to clean the carpet, but with much less water than traditional steam cleaning. They have powerful vacuums that extract most of the moisture from the carpet, leaving it almost dry.

VLM carpet cleaning has many advantages over other methods, such as:

Faster drying time: VLM carpet cleaning can dry in as little as 30 minutes to an hour, compared to several hours or even days for steam cleaning2. This reduces the risk of mold growth, odor problems and traffic interruptions.

Less water consumption: VLM carpet cleaning uses up to 90% less water than steam cleaning. This saves water resources, reduces wastewater disposal costs and prevents over-wetting of carpets that can cause shrinkage, warping or delamination.

Better indoor air quality: VLM carpet cleaning does not produce steam or aerosols that can carry allergens, dust mites and bacteria into the air4. This improves the indoor air quality and reduces health risks for occupants.

Longer lasting results: VLM carpet cleaning does not leave behind sticky residues that can attract more dirt and stains. This extends the life of the carpet and keeps it looking fresh and clean longer.

VLM carpet cleaning is a modern and innovative way to maintain carpets in both commercial and residential settings. It offers superior cleaning performance, faster drying time, lower environmental impact, and better health benefits than other methods. If you want to experience the difference of VLM carpet cleaning, contact your local professional today.

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